“I’m so bad at yoga, I can’t even touch my toes.”

It was a simple phrase that started it all.

The story of SAKRA goes all the way back to a university project trip in April 2023, when we found ourselves together with our peers every morning for community sports sessions. Our heads and limbs still foggy from sleep, we would come together on the dewy grass as the sunrise painted the sky with golden strokes.

As we gathered for yoga, observing our friends forcing their bodies into twists and shapes in an acrobatic competition, a realization dawned. Why does our generation seem to turn even the pursuit of wellness into a competition? Why do even the things we do to feel good tend to become a matter of performance, driven by appearances, tainted by ideas of doing something ‘productive’?

We realized it's not about us, or our friends, or not even only about yoga – it’s in our culture. Most of us go about life learning that everything needs a plan, an outcome, and a result. That if we always do more, we will become more, and life will somehow become… more. Of something. But of what?

Driven by this revelation, we embarked on a mission. SAKRA stands for something more than yoga poses; it's about changing the way we talk about and practice wellness. It's about helping people create more space in life for the things that cannot be measured or compared, because the moment we start measuring them, the simple joy and wellbeing is already lost.

In the simple ritual of rolling out your mat lies a bigger purpose: the promise to move with intuition and playfulness, no matter what your practice looks like. The promise to let the space of your mat be a canvas that is free from predetermined outcomes, where the only achievement that matters is noticing the shifts in your body and mind in every movement.

Because there is no being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at yoga. It's all just yoga.

Yoga is not a performance of shapes; it's a feeling. It's the dedication to live for that feeling – on and off the mat.

From that promise, we created SAKRA.

That's basically the story of how we ended up making yoga mats that we love, for a practice and a community that we love. Let's just say we followed our intuition.

How will you follow yours?

Isabelle, Kotryna & Fredrika | Stockholm, 2023