How do I choose the right yoga mat?

Deciding which yoga mat os right for you depends on your personal preferences and needs, especially in terms of thickness, support, and cushioning.

Our Grounded Series (4mm) is your go-to choice if you prefer more generous cushioning and support, designed to minimize knee or joint discomfort during yoga sessions and strength exercises. The slightly thicker design gives added comfort and support both during challenging positions and gentle resting poses.

If you prefer a thinner, more versatile yoga mat that is ideal for a lifestyle on the go, our Voyager Series (2mm) is for you. This lighter, more versatile yoga mat is perfect for daily commuting, traveling, or for those who appreciate a more tactile yoga mat that ensures a grip so solid it almost feels glued to the ground.

Both series are made with the same studio-quality materials: a high-grip, non-toxic PU top layer combined with a natural rubber base. While our mats are designed for all forms of yoga, including yin and hot yoga, they're just as perfect for other types of exercise such as pilates and strength training.

Lastly, when choosing your color, it's worth noting that lighter-colored mats may show signs of wear more visibly compared to darker shades or black mats. This might influence your choice of design if maintaining the mat's appearance is a priority for you.

How should I take care of my yoga mat?

Yoga mats are a bit like running shoes: the more often and intensely we practice, they more will start showing signs of use. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do yourself to make your mat last for as long as possible.

Our recommended yoga mat care routine
After your practice, gently wipe your yoga mat using a micro-cloth damped with lukewarm water. We like to use a home-made cleaning spray by mixing organic clear vinegar and water in a 1:20 ratio, adding a few drops of high-quality essential oil like eucalyptus or tea tree. Spray the solution on the micro-cloth (avoid spraying directly on the mat) and softly wipe the surface.

Leave the mat unrolled to air dry, either laying it flat or carefully placing it hanging over a door.

Once dry, roll your mat with the top side facing outwards. Store your mat in a cool space away from direct sunlight.

Never scrub, machine wash, or use chemical cleaning products on your yoga mat.

To prevent stains and scratches, avoid practicing with sharp jewelry or beauty products such as lotions and body oils that may transfer to your mat.

What materials are your yoga mats made of?

The top layer is made from non-toxic, biodegradable PU (polyurethane), which provides premium grip properties. The bottom layer is made of natural rubber for high strength, tear resistance, and low-odor properties.

Are your yoga mats suitable for all types of yoga practice?

Absolutely! All of our yoga mats are designed with the same high-grip, moisture wicking, minimal odour properties to assist you regardless of what your practice looks like.

However, when it comes to cushioning, you can choose between two different thicknesses to best suit your personal preferences: the Grounded Series (4mm) offers a softer and more generous support, while the Voyager Series (2mm) is the thinner, ultra-light option.

Can I use my yoga mat for other exercises than yoga? 

Yes! While our mats are primarily designed for yoga, they are just as great for any other kind of exercise where you need grounded support. Our Grounded Series (4mm) will give you that added cushioned support which is ideal for pilates and bodyweight exercises.

How long will my yoga mat last for? 

How often you should replace your yoga mat mainly depends on two factors: intensity of use, and level of care. To learn how you can make your yoga mat last longer, we recommend reading our yoga mat care guide found in above FAQ sections.

Over time and with regular use, it’s normal for yoga mats to lose their high-grip qualities. If your yoga mat starts to feel slippery, we recommend replacing it, to avoid potential injury from slipping in challenging poses. As a general guideline, consider replacing your mat once every 6 to 12 months, based on your personal use habits and preferences.



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